24 Dec 2010

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

It's Christmas eve!!! Hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and have lots of fun with your friends and family and eat lots!!

                                              MERRY CHRISTMAS x x

23 Dec 2010

I'm an Auntie!!!

I have managed much blogging lately it's all been a bit crazy with work, the winter weather and most importantly becoming an AUNTIE!!! After a long wait 9 months + 9 days (was obviously too cold to come out) Poppy Nancy Lois Nelson finally made an appearance on Friday 17th December. She is just perfect, my sister did amazing, and I'm a very proud auntie!

23 Nov 2010

They Draw and Cook - Bilberry Pie

Here is my submission for the fantastic website they draw and cook! I had so much fun creating this recipe illustration. Bilberry Pie is one of my mum's specialities, wild bilberries grow on the moors where I grew up so me and my sister used to go out collecting them (coming home with purple stained hands and mouth where we'd eaten more than we'd collected) mum now buys them in a jar which means we can have bilberry pie all year round!

Thanks so much to the extremely talented Nate and Salli for letting me be part of this great project.

What's a bilberry?? N.B  "The fruit is smaller than that of the blueberry but with a fuller taste. Bilberries are darker in colour, and usually appear near black with a slight shade of purple. While the blueberry's fruit pulp is light green, the bilberry's is red or purple, heavily staining the fingers and lips of consumers eating the raw fruit".

1 Nov 2010

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2010

Last weekend was Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at Spinning Fields in Manchester. Here are some of my favourite designer/makers from the fair.

Samantha Bryan

Samantha Bryan makes these delightful little characters from her studio in Wakefield. This is the first time I have seen her work first hand and I have to say I was taken aback by these delightful, playful intricately made figures. I would love to give one of these little fellas a home.

Oh golly gosh

Elaine Hughes creates visual stories depicting scenes from her imaginary topsey-turvey world called Oh Golly Gosh. Her work involves stitched paper and fabric collages with a vintage feel.

And Made

What I couldn't resist coming home with................

Andrea Lord makes these beautiful cactus pin cushions from her studio. As it's my mum's birthday on Wednesday I had the perfect excuse to buy one and I couldn't resist getting one for myself as well! And Made has a studio/shop in Manchester's Craft and design center so next time your there make sure you pop in and have a look .

11 Oct 2010

Happy Families

For the first time I took part in the Tigerprint competition the brief was to design a new take on the happy families card game.  I really enjoyed this work and will certainly be taking part in future competitions hope you like.

17 Sep 2010


I went back home over the weekend for a lovely roast dinner at my mum and dad's and while we were there I had some very exciting news my little sister got engaged!!! Her boyfriend had taken her to a secluded beauty spot near where we live for a picnic and popped the question and she said YES!! I'm so happy for them both. This is a design that I've done for an engagement card for them. Which I'm now off to post.

18 Aug 2010

IF: Star Gazing

This is my first attempt at illustrating something for Illustration Friday. This weeks topic was Star Gazing I've taken the subject to have a double meaning as I do enjoy a cheeky flick though the celeb mags in my spare time!


Wow I have a blog! I think i'm a bit behind the times as i've only recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs and lots of lovely design blogs! It's all very exciting but bare with me i'm still getting used to how to do it.