7 May 2012

Wedding Invitations

Last weekend my best friend Rea got married! We have been friends since we were 11 and been through lots together so it was an honour to do the stationary for the wedding.

It was a fabulous day everything was just beautiful and the bride looked stunning all topped off with lovely food, drinks and dancing. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Horrocks!

**please note that the copyright of all the above images belong to Kathryn Heptinstall**

6 Feb 2012

Colour work

Here are some images of from the online e-course I am studying The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. These images are all about colour, its good to take a step back and think about the way you work with colour and different ways to develop colour palettes. Working this way reminds me of university when we had to keep a 'colour book' throughout the course. I enjoyed playing around with different objects seeing how they work together and photographing the different groups. I have also used some of my existing photographs with colours I love to create new colour palettes.

I am loving the course just wish there were more hours in the day so I could spend more time working on this. These are from an exercise in Module 1 we are now in week 2 of Module 2 more images to come I will keep you updated on how I'm getting on.

30 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday on Friday and I was ever so lucky to receive this amazing new iMac from my lovely boyfriend. I have had a macbook for years which I love but is now quite old and very slow. I have wanted an iMac for years but not been able to afford one. (He has said this qualifies for my Christmas and birthday presents for a few years to come!)

I have had such a wonderful weekend with my friends and family including lots of wine, dancing, family meals, country pubs, open fires and snow. Perfect!

Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course starts today so I can't wait to get designing on here I love it so much think it will be hard to keep me off!

1 Dec 2011

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

The very talented Rachael Taylor has recently launched a new e-course 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' in collaboration with Beth Nicholls from 'Do What You Love'.  I have signed up for Module 1 which we are currently in the third week.

I am loving the course so far, its been a while since I graduated from university so I thought it would be good to have something to work towards and gain more knowledge of surface pattern design. Everyday there are new posts in the 'classroom' and the course partisipants are from all over the world. So far we have covered 'Inspiration' 'Sketching' and now on week 3 we are covering 'Colour'. I will be continuing with Module 2 and 3 which start in January and April. I have found the course very inspiring and very excited to see what is still to come. When I have compleated more of the creative exercises I will post some images on here. 

By Rachaeltaylordesign

28 Sep 2011


In May I travelled to Marrakesh for a girlie trip with two friends from university. As soon as our taxi from the airport dropped us off on a narrow, muddy dirt track surrounded my donkeys my first thought was that it looked more like a farmyard than a holiday destination. I knew this was going to be nothing like anywhere I have ever been before.
 The city is amazing, with busy narrow streets, jam packed with tiny shop, snake charmers, story tellers, donkeys, bikes and food stands. We obviously got lost in the souks (I think it's impossible not to) got the art of haggling down to a fine art and all came home with lots of beautiful things.
 Our Riad was beautiful and the hospitality was amazing we all felt very at home, a great place to relax on the roof terrace and escape the hussle and bustle of the streets below. Marrakesh is a beautiful city full of hidden gems I will definitely be returning.

27 Sep 2011

WOW! Such a long time since my last post. It's September where has the time gone?? I've been very busy since my last post moved house not just once....... but TWICE! (in 4 months). I am sick of moving so now I'm staying put. Now that I'm unpacked, no longer surrounded boxes and fully WIFI'ed up again....blogger I'm back!

28 Mar 2011

Spring time!

The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are lighter and the sun is shining loving the spring time weather...........can't wait for the summer!